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HoneyDew Skincare

Facials are just as much about relaxation and indulgence as they are about results! 


All facials include hand, arm and facial massage along with warm towels and aromatherapy.

Holistic Facials

These services feature indulgent relaxation with a mind, body and spirit approach.

All facials are customized in-treatment.

The Signature

Sculpt. Hydrate. Indulge.

Experience deep relaxation and plumped skin with The Signature. This facial features deep hydration and sculptural facial massage.

Best For: Normal & Mature Skin | Sagging Skin

 Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Dull Skin


90 Minutes | $120

Ageless European Facial

Relax. Reset. Renew.

This relaxing facial features deep cleansing, mild exfoliation and hydrating masks along with relaxing massage.

Best For: All Skin Types | Dry Skin

 Uneven Tone | Sluggish Skin


60 Minutes | $80

Gua Sha Facial

Lift. Smooth. Detoxify.


Gua Sha is an ancient tradition that releases tension in the fascia of the face while increasing bloodflow, draining lymph, and facial tone. 

Best For: Normal & Mature Skin | Sagging Skin

 Uneven Tone | Sluggish Skin


90 Minutes | $120

Dew and Dash Express Facial

Smooth. Refresh. Pick-me-up.

Short on time? This is the service for you! You'll enjoy a deep cleanse along with the appropriate masks and massage.

Best For: All Skin Types | Dry Skin

 Oily Skin | Dull Skin


45 Minutes | $50

New Client Consultation Facial

Learn. Relax. Set Intentions.

Your service will begin with an in-depth conversation all about your skin, your skincare routine and lifestyle habits, followed by a thorough skin analysis.


Your treatment will include the following along with warm towels, and massage of the scalp, hands, arms,  décolletage, neck, shoulders and face.

Best For: All Skin Types

Double Cleanse | Skin Analysis 

Enzyme Mask Ultrasonic Exfoliation 

Extractions | Nourishing Mask

75 Minutes | 80

Treatment-Focused Facials

Looking for real results without invasive procedures or toxic ingredients—

  I've got you covered! 

All facials are customized in-treament.

Microcurrent Facial

Tone. Lift. Contour.

Microcurrent utilizes electric currents, similar to those naturally occurring in your body, to lift, tone, and contour your face and neckMicrocurrent has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to improve skin tone.

Best For: Mature Skin | Sagging Skin 
Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Dull Skin

90 Minutes | $120


Micro-Peel Facial

Refine. Brighten. Clarify.

This zero downtime micro-peel utilizes AHA's (Mandelic and Lactic Acid) to recondition skin’s texture and complexion. This mirco-peel also contains Manuka Honey to provide anti-inlammatory and anti-microbial benefits.

Best For: Textured Skin | Congested Skin 
Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Dull Skin

50 Minutes | $130


LED Facial

Smooth. Clarify. Heal.

LED Phototherapy can accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Research has also shown that LED Phototherapy is effective for tissue repair and arthritis pain.

Best For: Mature Skin | Acneic Skin 
Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Pigmented Skin

90 Minutes | $120


Nano-Infusion Facial

Brighten. Plump. Smooth.

This non-invasive, pain-free treatment utilizes microscopic silicone filaments to create channels in the skin by which product can be infused. This treatment reduces fine lines, refines scarring, brightens dark spots, and firms the skin.

Best For: Scarring | Pigmentation 
Fine Lines & Wrinkles | Dark Spots

90 Minutes | $130


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