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  • Regina Thomas

July Favorites!

My goodness this summer has flown by! I mean I guess it isn't technically fall quite yet, but I have noticed the daylight hours getting shorter.

I discovered a lot of great products last month! Committing to using only cruelty-free products has encouraged me to try new brands and I have not been disappointed!

First on my list is Blinc tubing mascara ($26 Sephora ). If you haven't tried a tubing mascara, you totally should! Previously I was a fan of the L'oreal Double Extend, but it wasn't cruelty-free. Also, the L'oreal is a two-step product, but Blinc is one step. The Blinc mascara adds great length and is easy to remove with warm water.

Next, is Supergoop Acai Fusion Lip Balm ($10 Sephora ). I've always been a Chapstick girl, but those days are long gone! I'm basically OBSESSED with the Supergoop! It makes my lips so soft, it tastes good (not that I'm eating it, but you know what I mean lol), and it has SPF 30! I love, love, love it and I will definitely be in purchasing more Supergoop products!

Another fabulous product I started using in July is the Instain Blush by the Balm Cosmetics ($22 ). For starters, the packaging is adorable! I love products with a retro vibe. The blush itself is a soft, very-blendable formula. The best part? This blush lasts ALL DAY. It's super pigmented and it doesn't get blotchy or streaky!

My favorite product that I found this month is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum by The Ordinary ($7 ). This is such an amazing moisturizer! My skin feels soft and smooth and the serum has a plumping effect that minimizes fine lines! I love that this is a high-quality product for a reasonable price!

Did you discover new products in July? I'd love you hear about them! Let's enjoy the last week's of Summer and warm weather while they last!



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