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  • Regina Thomas

March Favorites!

So, last night I dreamt that I was back in my high school English class and I was missing three assignments that my teacher was going to give me one more chance to turn in, but then I got kidnapped and taken to Utah. It was bizarre. I'm really bad at introductions, clearly, so I thought I'd start this post with something random lol. Anyway, I got a lot of new fun products in March and I'm excited to share them with you!

1. Tarte Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation ($39 Ulta): I love this foundation! It's gotten a lot of mixed reviews and I can understand why because it is NOT like the Shape Tape Concealer. I chose the hydrating formula and it feels amazing on my skin and blends beautifully. I also think it wears nicely throughout the day and I like that it has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, so it leaves my skin healthier than when I put it on. The thing that some people don't like about this foundation is that it isn't nearly as full coverage as the Shape Tape Concealer. This foundation is more of a medium coverage, which works well for me. One thing that this foundation has in common with the concealer is the applicator, which is kind of annoying to me lol. I love my Tarte foundations, but their "innovative" applicators tend to be a pain in the booty. Another nice thing about this foundation is that it comes in two formulas, hydrating and matte, so you choose the formula that best suits your skin type. Don't worry though, I like a matte finish and was able to achieve that with the hydrating formula!

2. Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter ($7 Ulta): This product is so fabulous! I've never tried a liquid highlighter before and I had been considering the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, but the $42 price tag was not appealing to me. I'm so glad that I came across this product instead! There is a gorgeous shade range (I went with Starlight) and it's super glimmery and easy to apply. I put it on top of my cheek bones after foundation, but before powder, and it looks soooooo pretty! I also need like one tiny little bit, not even a full drop, so they could probably make smaller bottles. If you're curious about liquid highlighter, this is perfect!

3. Chi Rejuvenating Masque ($21 Ulta): My hair has been feeling pretty dry because I've been using a ton of volumizing products, blow-drying my hair every day, and skipping my Fish Oil supplement. This mask is great because it isn't as heavy as some others (my hair is thin and fine), but it's still very hydrating. I also love that the mask smells really nice! Since my hair is so thin and fine, I use the mask once a week!

4. NYX Powder Puff Lippie ($9 Ulta): This is a great lip color if you like the look of a matte finish, but want something more comfortable! It goes on like a light-weight mousse and dries down to a sheer matte finish! It smells nice, it's long lasting, and it's a nice alternative to traditional lipstick or gloss!

5. Pacifica Sugared Amber Dreams Spray ($22 Ulta): I've always loved perfumes, but it's very difficult to find cruelty-free ones! Believe it or not, many high-end perfumes are made with scents from the genital glands of animals (yuck!). This perfume, however, is Vegan, so it is made with essential oils in plant-based grain alcohol. Also, it smells AMAZING! I have gotten more compliments wearing this perfume than I ever did wearing Prada! Pacifica also carries a good variety of scents including florals and more earthy scents.

6. Skin Script RX Ageless Hydrating Moisturizer ($30): I'm obsessed with this serum! It's lightweight, but also super hydrating-like I could probably skip moisturizer because it's so great! This is made with Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, and a Lipid Blend that give a plumping effect to the skin while also balancing and hydrating. I will say they smell isn't my favorite, it's very bitter orange, but I like that there aren't any chemical perfumes or fragrances in the product.

So, there you have it-my March favorites! I'm so excited for Springtime, bring on the pastels and festival wear haha.



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