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August Beauty Hits and Misses!

Welp I see that's it's now September 6th, so I'm a lil late on this post, but better late than never, right? Here are the August beauty hits and misses...drumroll please...

1. Pur Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque ($30 Ulta): Hit!

Moment of honesty: I feel guilty if I buy skincare products that aren't by Skin Script RX. I just love that brand and I've met the owners and they're yeah. That being said, I really enjoyed this mud mask! The packaging is cute (yes, that's a criteria haha) and I feel like it follows through with brightening, tightening, and clearing the skin. Fair warning though: this mask is INTENSE. It's free of dyes, which is awesome, but that means it goes on looking like straight up dirt. This mask also has salicylic acid, so it did tingle/burn a little bit at first. As this mask sets it gets suuuuper it felt like it was sucking my soul out through my skin haha. All that being said, when I took off the mask my skin felt very soft and I think I'll be adding this into my weekly rotation to help with blackheads and congestion.

2. NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation ($15 Ulta): Miss!

Ummm no, just no. I was really stoked to pick up this foundation because I love NYX and it's always exciting to find a cruelty-free, drugstore priced foundation that performs well, but this is not that. First of all, it was hella difficult to blend. This stuff dried down really quickly before I could work it into my skin. Second, it was not full coverage, even after two layers, it was medium at best. Third, this settled into every nook, cranny, and pore on my face. I looked cakey and chalky. I disliked it so much that I went and returned it the same day I bought it. I mean, by all means, check out other reviews-it could have been my skin prep or my skin type, but I'm not a fan.

3. Too Faced Born This Way Born This Way Undetectable Medium-to-Full Coverage Foundation ($40 Ulta): Hit!

The same day I bought and returned the NYX foundation, I decided to invest in the Too Faced foundation and I'm glad I did! Too Faced recently relaunched this product after revisiting the formula and expanding the shade range. It comes in a gorgeous glass bottle, it blends beautifully, and it feel really light on the skin. I had to apply two layers to get to full coverage, but that's not a deal breaker for me. This foundation also wore really well throughout the day and it has Hyaluronic Acid, which is one of my favorite ingredients. If you are in the mood to #treatyoself, this is a good investment!

4. Lorac PRO Plus Fiber Mascara ($24 Ulta): Hit!

I'm super picky about mascara because I always feel like they run and give me raccoon eyes. I also very rarely get "luxury" mascara, but I got a sample of this mascara and went and bought a full sized one. Honestly, I'm surprised that it isn't more highly rated on Ulta because, other than the brush, I really enjoy this mascara. The product goes on smoothly, coats well, and two coats made my lashes look full and long. This mascara also didn't run or flake on me. The brush is super giant, which took some getting used to, but I like the formula a lot!

5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer ($26 Ulta): Hit!

So I have to say that there's a learning curve with this concealer...or at least there was for me! It's VERY thick so it's a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube, but it's also very concentrated, so a teensy bit goes a long way. This is definitely full coverage, I used it under my eyes and also on some acne spots and they stayed hidden all day. This claims to be "crease-less," but that's debatable. I will say that this stays semi-pliable so it's easy to tap out creasing throughout the day, but I don't think there will ever be a concealer that doesn't crease at all. I also love that IT Cosmetics included skincare ingredients including peptides and hydrolyzed collagen in this product to provided anti-aging benefits. I didn't test whether or not this was waterproof, but I'd be willing to bet it would hold up pretty well because of the texture.

6. NYX Studio Finishing Powder ($10 Ulta): Miss!

This has ONE "pro" and quite a few "con's"... I do feel like if you use this after setting with a setting powder it does blur your pores. That being said this smells terrible, like burning rubber lol. I don't really want that smell on my face. Also, this is allegedly translucent, but I felt like it left me with a ghostly, powdery finish. The texture of the powder reminded me of baking powder or soda. I don't want to be hating on NYX, but this month just wasn't a good one for me and their products.

Phew, there you have it for August. With fall fast approaching, it's gonna be time to invest in some new skincare and some fall colors! Fall is my favorite, so I'm looking forward to switching up my routine!

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!



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