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Skincare Trends to Ditch in 2019!

Ah, many weird and horrible skincare trends. I hope this post sheds light on trends that I find silly or even dangerous...oh, and that it doesn't offend anyone. To each their own, I just want people to be educated about taking care of their skin!

Prepare for a moment of brutal honesty...

1. Coconut Oil Everything.

Friends, coconut oil is not for your face. Don't get me wrong, it's great for cooking with and I put a scoop in my smoothies, but it isn't a skincare product. There is a scale of Comedogenicity or "how much something clogs your pores" and on that scale, which is 0-5 with 5 being like latex paint on your face, coconut oil is a 4. A FOUR. So, when you see lots of people on Pinterest or Instagram using coconut oil on their faces, beware. Coconut WATER is okay, coconut OIL is a no go. For more info, please visit Face Reality Acne Solutions.

2. Derma Rollers.

These things are dangerous. I mean it's a wheel of needles that you roll over your face! If you haven't properly prepared your skin and the tool you could be stabbing bacteria into your skin! Plus, these things are painful if the right numbing cream isn't used. Not to mention that the rolling motion actually stretches your pores instead of refining them. These are just a no. If you're interested in the benefits of needling, look for a dermatologist or medical spa and invest in microneedling.

3. Clarisonic-type Brushes.

The biggest issues with these types of tools are a) they get over-used resulting in a depleted moisture barrier and b) they can get un-hygienic real quick. I understand the feeling of wanting squeaky-clean skin now and again, but using a mechanical brush akin to those found in automated car washes on your face twice a day is serious overkill. Also, the brushes are supposed to be changed every 30 days and they aren't supposed to be left in the shower, the replacement brushes are expensive AF; I'd be stretching it to 60 days too and I'd be rubbing bacteria all over my face. I totally love exfoliating, but save your money and get a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant instead.

4. At-home Dermaplaning.

If you've never had dermaplaning, it is an exfoliation technique that utilizes a surgical-grade steel scalpel to gently remove the top layer of skin from the face. I had to train for 40 hours to be able to perform the procedure. An at-home "dermaplaning tool" is more than likely a glorified electric razor with a hefty price tag. Not to mention that some tools say that they're "suitable for all skin types" which just isn't the case. Dermaplaning over active acne lesions or on skin with Rosacea can cause serious issues. If you're worried about peach fuzz, invest in disposable razors and a cream cleanser and shave your face in the shower. I've been doing that for years and my hair hasn't grown in thicker or darker. If you want the brightening and scar-reducing benefits of dermaplaning, then please, hire a professional.

5. Peel-off Charcoal Masks.

These things are so sketchy. Type "peel-off charcoal mask" into YouTube if you want to see some horrifying footage of what can happen when you buy skincare from random brands. Peel-off masks oftentimes form too firm of a bond with the skin, so when they're peeled off they can take hair and skin with them resulting in dilated capillaries and open injuries. Charcoal in and of itself isn't a bad ingredient as long it comes from a reliable source like coconut husks. Just be sure to know where your products and their ingredients are coming from and stick to cream and sheet masks.

Phew, nothing like a little end-of-the-year venting! I hope this post has taught you something and that if you use these products or techniques, your feelings aren't hurt. These are my opinions and you're free to have opinions different from mine. The primary take-away should be to continue learning about your skin and be educated about what works and what doesn't.



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