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Winter Skincare Tips! Yes, you need SPF!

I'm not exactly the biggest fan of winter. I don't like being cold, I get nervous driving in the snow (even though I've lived in Colorado my whole life), I'm not a winter sports gal, and my skin gets so dang dry. Flaky, irritated skin is not ideal for looking fabulous at holiday parties. If you're interested in having glowing skin during the winter months, then read on!

-Add a creamy cleanser to your routine. I love a good foam cleanser, but they can be drying during this time of year. I suggest a foamy cleanser at night to deep cleanse the skin and a creamy cleanser in the morning to restore moisture. Your makeup will look so much better with hydrated skin!

-Evaluate your exfoliation technique and products. Just like in the summer months, exfoliation is important during the winter too in order to keep skin from looking dull. However, over-exfoliating can leave your skin irritated and sensitized. So, I think it's beneficial to consider switching to a chemical exfoliant (like a glycolic cleanser) twice a week and to incorporate a gentle manual exfoliant (not St. Ives Apricot EVER, please lol) once a week to promote cell turnover without stripping the skin.

-Consider a lactic peel. Speaking of exfoliating, a lactic peel feels great during the winter. It's a bit a of a misnomer though because you shouldn't necessarily peel after a lactic peel. Lactic formulas use lactic acid from milk to gently break up congestion and dead skin cells while promoting deep hydration. I suggest investing in a series of peels to really see results. Winter is the best time to clear up any irregular pigmentation and sun damage from summer!

-Use a hydrating serum. I think it's great to use a heavier moisturizer for the winter, but if you're worried about your skin being oily, then this is a must! Look for a serum that has Hyaluronic Acid and ingredients like honey, heavy water, and hydrating essential oils. Use your serum twice a day under your moisturizer to keep your skin supple. Supple is a weird word...I digress.

-Wear SPF. Seriously, even if it's cloudy outside UV rays still penetrate your skin. Be sure to apply it to your hands as well to prevent sun spots!

-Pick up some moisturizing sheet masks or sleeping masks. Of course you should still be getting regular facial treatments during the winter, but it's also a good idea to mask between services to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable.

I hope these tips help you keep your skin glowy and fabulous!




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